Kanye West sets himself on fire during Donda listening event 3 months ago

Kanye West sets himself on fire during Donda listening event

Kanye is on fire...literally!

In true Kanye West fashion, the former husband of Kim Kardashian set himself ablaze during his Donda listening party. Towards the end of his performance, the rapper was set on fire in what is both beautiful and horrifying at the same time.



Donda, named after the star's beloved mother who died in 2007, is his first album release since 2019's Jesus Is King.

The blaze began inside a full-scale replica of the rapper's childhood home, complete with a shining cross on top. The fire began to engulf the house before moving on to Kanye himself.

After what seemed like forever, Kanye emerged from the inferno clad in a protective suit. Members of his team equipped with fire extinguishers then put him out.


Though the stadium capacity is 63,000 only 38,000 patrons were at the event due to Covid.

Sharing the stage with him were disgraced artists Marilyn Manson, who is under investigation for sexual assault, and Dababy, who recently slammed the gay community and has since been dropped from numerous shows, festivals, and clothing lines.

Perhaps less controversially, Kim Kardashian made an appearance dressed in a wedding dress and veil. The duo are not back together but are firm supports of one another endeavours.


"Kim and Kanye have always supported the other's endeavors and will continue to do that in the future, whether it be a collaborative effort or not," an insider told TMZ.

"Kim was happy to do it for Kanye and the event, which was so important to him."


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