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31st May 2018

Love Island producers are taking action to ensure no STIs enter the villa

James Dawson

This makes a lot of sense for all involved

As you’re probably already aware Love Island season is about to get in full swing. The show launches on Monday as 11 singleton – including Danny Dyer’s eponymous daughter, Dani – enter the house as they bid for their share of a 50k prize.

But if you’re thinking the premise of the show means STIs will rampant in the villa, you’d be wrong. In fact, anyone appearing is subject to an STI test before being flown out.

Speaking about the show’s commitment to creating a healthy sexual environment, an insider said: ‘The last thing bosses want is someone unknowingly spreading an STI. So they’ve ensured everyone goes through screening and passes them.”

Speaking to The Sun, the source explained: “They’re doing the responsible thing by making sure everyone is clean.”

Which is good, because that’s what the show’s about, isn’t it, good ol’ clean fun. In fact so clean that the participants are barely allowed to drink at all.

According to last year’s contestant, Tyla Carr, contestants only got one drink a night, or two drinks if something big was going to happen.

She previously said: “There’s one drink a night. And you know something’s happening because you’re allowed an extra drink.

“You know when something’s about to go down.

As well as this, on the show this year it’s thought that contestants won’t be allowed to smoke on camera due to the number of complaints the show received last year.