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11th Jun 2019

Lorraine Kelly goes in on Esther McVey as their bitter feud enters day two

James Dawson

McVey vs Kelly: Round 2

It’s fair to say that nobody saw Lorraine Kelly and Esther McVey being the bitterest rivalry to come out of the Tory leadership contest, but hey it’s 2019, BBC journalists can’t stop calling the foreign secretary “Cunt”, anything can happen.

Just to recap, it began yesterday when Kelly told Piers Morgan during a live link on Good Morning Britain that she “couldn’t remember” whether she had got on with McVey during the Conservative politician’s time as a presenter on GMTV in the 90s. It was clear there was bad blood.

Later in the day, McVey opened up about the rivalry, telling ITV’s political correspondent Paul Brand: “Well, we used to share a dressing room… and she used to be partnered with Eamonn Holmes and then I was promoted to be partnering with Eamonn Holmes.”

But this morning, asked again by Piers Morgan about the pair’s relationship, Kelly hit back at McVey, accusing her of misleading people about the pair sharing a dressing room.

“Well who wouldn’t want to fight over Eamonn?” she said.

Lorraine went on: “To be honest I am baffled by that, I have had my own show since 1992 and I don’t think she joined until five years later. And as far as sharing a dressing room goes, it wasn’t really like that, it’s not like it is now.

“Back then it was just a little room everyone shared and got ready in, it wasn’t like a dressing room, it was just a room.”

Before turning to McVey’s political opinions: “Yesterday I got sick to the back teeth of the whole toxic, political atmosphere.

“I strongly disagree with her on LGBT rights, I’ve had enough, it’s got to stop.”