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23rd Jun 2017

Lord Buckethead actually showed up at Glastonbury to introduce some live music

Paul Moore

All hail Lord Buckethead.

Let it not be said that Lord Buckethead isn’t a man of the people.

When he’s not pissing off Theresa May, appearing on John Oliver to discuss Brexit negotiations or being hilarious on Twitter, the Dark Lord of the Bucket is more than happy top get his boots and cape dirty at a festival, just like the rest of us.

To be fair, he does have some authority when it comes to tunes.

After all, the eight point of his manifesto did call for “The nationalistaion of Adele in order to maximise the efficient use of British resources.”

See, he knows what he’s talking about.

The Hello and Someone Like you singer isn’t on the lineup this year, but Sleatford Mods are playing and they got the most ‘interesting’ figure in British politics to introduce them on stage.

FYI, we’re also fairly certain that the crowd at Glastonbury will also fully support his idea to banish Katie Hopkins into the Phantom zone.

Forget Radiohead, it’s all about Lord Buckethead!

Take a look.