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09th Jun 2017

Theresa May clearly isn’t a fan of Lord Buckethead

The disdain for Lord Buckethead was palpable

Robert Redmond

The disdain for Lord Buckethead was palpable.

Theresa May has had a very difficult night, after a desperately poor election campaign. The Prime Minister called a snap election with the aim of securing a vast majority in the House of Commons ahead of Brexit negotiations.

Instead, the Tories lost 12 seats, and with 314 seats, fall 12 short of securing a majority.

Labour gained 31 seats, and performed well above expectations from the beginning of the campaign. Neither party have gained the 326 seats required to form a majority, and everything is up in the air at the moment.

The situation will become clearer over the coming days, but it appears that May’s position as Prime Minister is very precarious. The Tory leader is facing calls to resign after her underwhelming election campaign.

Her embarrassing night was made worse by the ignominy of losing votes to a man wearing a bucket.

May lined up to hear the declaration of the results in her Maidenhead constituency alongside a candidate wearing an Elmo costume, and Lord Buckethead, (or Jonathan David to give him his full name).

This is democracy at work, people.

Lord Buckethead even dabbed when his results were read out. That’s right, 249 people voted for a man wearing a bucket on his head. And, to think, some say politics is boring.

Lord Buckethead went down well on social media, but not so much with the Prime Minister.

Channel 4 captured the moment when May heard 249 people had voted for him.

The Prime Minister clearly isn’t a fan, but the Liberal Democrat’s candidate was filmed clapping for his Lordship.