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10th Jun 2020

Little Britain taken off Netflix and other streaming providers


Little Britain has always stoked controversy

When Little Britain aired on BBC Three in 2003 it was an instant success. The show, written and performed by comedy duo Matt Lucas and David Walliams, featured exaggerated sketches of figures parodying aspects of British life.

Fans of the show loved it, but even from the beginning there were questions abounding about what was perceived as the club’s lazy stereotypes and offensive caricatures of minorities.

From the character of Dafydd Thomas, the self-described “only gay in the village”, to its depictions of lower income characters, many people, including the late comedian Victoria Wood, criticised the show.

With the conversation around racism and equality in the United Kingdom and elsewhere now louder than ever after the death of George Floyd by Minneapolis police, the show has been removed from streaming platforms like Netflix, BBC iPlayer and Britbox because of its use of blackface.