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07th Apr 2022

Leonardo DiCaprio kicked Gemma Collins out of LA club for talking to him, she claims

April Curtin

‘All I said was hello. Next thing I know, I’ve been thrown out’

Gemma Collins claims that she was kicked out of a swanky Hollywood club after saying hello to Leonardo DiCaprio.

The Only Way Is Essex star said she was at a private members’ club in Los Angeles when she tried to befriend the Hollywood superstar.

Gemma Collins attends the Women's Health Wellness Brunch with Davinia Taylor at HUM2N at Urban Retreat in London

As reported by The Sun, Collins explained how she allegedly got rejected by one of the biggest celebs of all time.

“Leonardo DiCaprio – I said hello to him and got thrown out of the club in LA.

“I mean, he looked at me and I looked at him back and all I said was hello. Next thing I know, I’ve been thrown out.

“I thought, ‘You do realise I am famous as well. Thank you very much!'”

Leonardo DiCaprio attends the 92nd Annual Academy Awards in Hollywood

Collins admitted that she was pretty mortified by the moment, adding: “I could never go back there again.

“It was just one of those moments.

“Well, they could kiss my arse.”

The TOWIE star is currently touring her one-woman show which debuted at Manchester’s Royal Opera House on Tuesday evening.

During the performance, other topics of conversation included how she was allegedly sacked from Sainsbury’s for saving someone’s life and that she once spent £22,000 on a fake elephant to go in her garden.

Collins also said that Madonna is her spirit animal.

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