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20th Apr 2018

Kit Harrington stops Emilia Clarke ruining Game of Thrones Season 8 in hilarious new video

"I want to take you to Westeros because I hate to break it to you, but it’s the final season of Game Of Thrones."

Kyle Picknell

We don’t deserve Emilia Clarke.

Unless you have been spending the last few years in a cave north of the wall you might have heard that the next series of Games of Thrones will be the last.

Fans are obviously dying to get their hands on any secret going into Season 8 and with this in mind Emilia Clarke tried to take matters into her own hands by giving fans a sneak peek behind the scenes of the GOT closed set.

“You might know me as Khaleesi, Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains, or any of the above. I want to take you to Westeros because I hate to break it to you, but it’s the final season of Game Of Thrones” she says, before attempting to sneak into the set through both the front and the back doors, even stealing a key in a process.

We even get to do the unthinkable and visit Khaleesi’s private quarters as she takes us back to her trailer in a sneaky attempt to read extracts from secret scripts for the upcoming season.

But hey, look! It’s Jon Snow and Jon Snow’s mopey little face! Is he here to help the Breaker of Chains give the fans what they want?

No. No he isn’t. Look at the monumental concern etched on poor Kit Harrington’s beautiful face. He couldn’t break the rules if he wanted to.

Lord Snow orders our beloved Khaleesi to “shut it down” and “wrap it up”, which, obviously, Emilia pays absolutely no attention to. She’s got dragons mate, you can’t tell her what to do.

The hilarious video is part of an upcoming competition by the good people at Omaze, who are a running a once in a lifetime competition for Thrones fans everywhere in support of The Royal College of Nursing Foundation, which provides crucial support for nurses, midwives and health care assistants.

By donating to the very worthwhile cause you put yourself in with a chance to actually go behind the scenes with the Mother of Dragons herself, as well as joining her lunch and getting to ask her question after question about all things Westeros.

You can watch the video in full below.