Kim Jong-un impersonator says he was looking for “a shag” live on This Morning 3 years ago

Kim Jong-un impersonator says he was looking for “a shag” live on This Morning

This Morning can be f*cking weird

Like, it is meant to be a fluffy mid-morning show, offering an inoffensive distraction for stay-at-home parents, students, and those pulling a sickie.


Instead, it frequently spews out a surreal Twin Peaks-level parade of madness, way before the watershed.

Recent examples include features on terrifying royal wedding swimsuits, sex robots, haunted dolls, and horny aliens.

This week, another entry in the great book of This Morning madness was written. On Friday, Holly and Phil welcomed North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un onto the show.


Or more accurately, an Australian Kim Jong-Un lookalike named Howard X.

After some initial chicanery pretending he was the real deal, complete with someone from the backroom staff acting as a translator, it turned into a standard “man with a wacky job” human interest piece.


And then it got weird again. He told a story about going to the Winter Olympics, getting into a physical altercation with some North Korean bodyguards, and trying to hit on the North Korean cheerleaders.

In his words:

“Being on Valentine’s day, I thought, being the god of North Korea, I could maybe get a shag.”

Phillip Scholfield was visibly shocked.


Surprisingly, that moment was cut out of the interview when it was uploaded to the official This Morning YouTube page.