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10th Nov 2021

Emily Ratajkowski reveals what makes Pete Davidson so alluring to women

Danny Jones

Emily Ratajkowski on Pete Davidson

The ladies do seem to love ‘Chad’

Actor, model and businesswoman Emily Ratajkowski has given her take on why women find comedian and fellow actor Pete Davidson attractive.

The tip-off came whilst she was speaking on the Late Night with Seth Myers talk show about her new book, My Body, her pregnancy, the pandemic and working with Pete Davidson.

You can see the full interview here:

When probed with a loaded question by Myers as to how she reacts when “someone with less pedigree” and the “not-a-model” appears in a model shoot, the 30-ear-old businesswoman and now author politely replied, “I think you’re being a little mean”.

She then went on to say, “he’s got the height” before adding that “obviously women find him very attractive”, slightly giggling to herself before adding that he also “seems super charming, he’s vulnerable; he’s lovely, his fingernail polish is awesome – he looks good, he’s great”.

As well suggesting that “it’s only men” that are unsure as to how he ends up with admirers and certain partners – having previously been engaged to Ariana Grande and recent speculation teasing that he might be dating Kim Kardahsian – she quickly tagged on that he also “has a great relationship with his mother”, saying “[women] love it” and it’s hard to find men like that.

Davidson, 27, appeared on the show earlier that same evening and, in typical funnyman fashion, toyed around with the well-publicised rumours himself, before later going on to discuss his time on a photoshoot with Ratajkowski.

We love Davidson as much as the next person and watching him be nothing more than utterly himself while he attracts millions of fans and admirers at the same time.

People online were just as nonplussed by Myers’ question, suggesting that the dialogue around him being an unlikely lust object is total rubbish:

It’s almost like different people like lots of different things and different people, whether that’s in terms of your appearance or your personality. Crazy.

No one is out of anyone’s league, lads – these ladies just proved it. Most importantly, love yourself and focus on the rest later.

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