X Factor 'scrapped by ITV with no plans to return' 9 months ago

X Factor 'scrapped by ITV with no plans to return'

There will be no new series for at least the next five years.

ITV has decided to scrap the X Factor, confirming that it has "no plans" to bring the show back anytime soon.


Simon Cowell's creation had been a staple of Saturday night television since it began in 2004. However the show hasn't been aired since 2018.

In a statement, ITV said: "There are no current plans for the next series of The X Factor at this stage."

Although a source told the Sun that the show may not be gone forever, they did say that it will certainly not be coming back in the next five years.


They told the publication: "Globally, it is still a phenomenon and rakes in millions every year. But in the UK, there is no question it has become slightly stale.

"Simon remains at the top of his game and knows how to make a hit. He owns the rights to the show, and it's his call — not ITV's — whether or not he drops it.

"Clearly the last thing he wants is for X Factor to fizzle out with a whimper and become a bit of a joke — especially in contrast to the show in its pomp.

"It is still on the back-burner and there’s the option to return it in 2023, with auditions next summer, but a lot will ride on his new format Walk The Line."


Since its inception, the X Factor has uncovered some of the world's biggest music acts, with the likes of One Direction, Little Mix, and, of course, Jedward coming through the competition. In its heyday, the show would regularly pull in 12 million viewers every Saturday.

But in its later series viewing figures plummeted, prompting Cowell to pull the plug on the show in 2018.