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13th Jun 2018

Kanye West said Deadpool was trying to imitate him – and Ryan Reynolds had the best response

Wil Jones

Imma let you finish but….

He’s a man with incredible, undeniable talents – yet at the same time, a gigantic ego that makes him unbearable to everyone around him, and he won’t stop talking absolute rubbish.

The above statement could apply to both the popular rapper Kanye West and the fictional superhero Deadpool.

It would seem that Kanye is a fan of the Deadpool movies – not really a surprise, since he has previously declared his love for both Rick and Morty and anime, and you’d think someone who liked them would like the sweary mutant.

However, Kanye is rarely happy, and of course, he found something to have a slight moan at. He reckons that songs on the soundtrack resembled some of his music – though he did add, as a fan, he would have definitely licensed them to be used in the film.

To which Ryan Reynolds – who not only plays the Merc With A Mouth, but also seems dedicated to preserving the real world honour of Deadpool, stepped in with a perfect comeback.

If you don’t get that, let us explain. Celine Dion of course recorded “Ashes”, the official theme song to Deadpool 2 which played over the opening credits.

All this was too much for Kanye, who then tweeted that he needed a nap.

Sleep well, sweet Kanye.