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05th Nov 2021

Johnny Depp given access to Amber Heard’s phone in bid to ‘prove assault pics were fake’

Danny Jones

Johnny Depp gets access to Amber Heard's phone

The truth will out

Johnny Depp and his legal team are set to be given access to Amber Heard‘s phone in an effort to prove that photos of alleged abuse were fake.

As part of his long-running libel case with his ex-wife – having lost to The Sun who labelled him a “wife-beater” – Page Six reports that Depp’s lawyers have accused Heard of forging photos in which she appears to have two black eyes, accusing her ex-husband of attacking her ex back in 2015.

In the most recent development in the case, Depp has successfully won a divorce settlement pledge, as well as the right to sue the 35-year-old actor for defamation.

Depp (58) has officially filed for access to her phone with Fairfax County Circuit Court in order to authenticate the images and prove that she may have downloaded and spread confidential information regarding the case.

It was reported that when the LAPD initially responded to the alleged assault, officers “found no injury upon Ms Heard and no disruption to the penthouses”, with Depp’s lawyer claiming that “Heard and her friends fabricated photos”.

Moreover, he went on to suggest that, using her divorce settlement money, Heard “falsely testified in London [that] she gave to the ACLU [American Civil Liberties Union] and, more scandalously, to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles; sick children with cancer.”

This is one of many chapters in the controversial case that has led many to believe Depp is innocent. Following initial reporting and headlines such as The Sun‘s, the Hollywood actor has been stripped of multiple roles and found it more difficult to find work.

Fellow actors and co-stars such as Kevin McNally – who plays Mr Gibbs in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise – have come to his defence, stating that he should be able to play Jack Sparrow again, among other roles.

As per the court’s ruling, Depp’s team can examine Amber Heard’s phone records with the help of an expert, Brian Neumeister, as they look for any signs of tampering, incriminating messages or indication of doctored photos.

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