Amber Heard spotted in new Aquaman footage and fans are not having it 6 months ago

Amber Heard spotted in new Aquaman footage and fans are not having it

Will the movie flop because of the Heard factor?

Jason Mamoa has given a sneak peek into the next Aquaman movie, telling fans that the 'tides are changing'. Unfortunately, the footage was overshadowed when fans spotted disgraced actress Amber Heard.


Momoa took part in the DC FanDome virtual event this weekend that highlighted upcoming DC projects. Here he unveiled previously unseen footage of Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom.

"Aloha DC FanDome I apologise for the four year wait," the Game of Thrones actor said.


"But I'm very proud of the sequel because it's tackling a lot of issues environmentally, stakes are higher and I'm just excited because I had a big part of it with my boy James [Wan, Aquaman director]."

He continued: "I'm super excited to be back making the sequel.


"I have so much invested into it. I love this character. I love what it represents. There's nothing I've ever been a part of that's like this."

Heard was not featured much, which was probably a conscious decision on DC's part given the fandoms demands of having her removed. However, clips of her punching what appears to be a submarine were not missed by fans.

"Aquaman 2 be so fine then boom, Amber Heard," tweeted one fan.

"WB and James Wan support a domestic abuser and supporting this movie would mean I would too. And that's a no from me. Amber Heard is an abuser, liar and a fraud. Aquaman will get not one cent of my money," tweeted another.

Heard has popped up in headlines countless times as of late, mainly due to the ongoing legal battle against ex-husband Johnny Depp. Having initially accused Depp of abuse, it was later revealed that Depp was the 'victim' in the situation.

Fans demanded that Heard be removed from the Aquaman sequel,  but this has clearly not happened.

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