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03rd Aug 2018

The JOE Friday Pub Quiz: Week 99

Rich Cooper

Stick a flake in this week’s quiz, because it’s 99.

The big 100 next week. “What are they gonna do for the centenary of the Pub Quiz?” they ask. “Maybe the top bods at JOE will throw the quizmaster a party, lavish him with fine wines and expensive cured meats. They should, y’know. Our lives would be meaningless without this quiz, so they really should have a big knees-up to celebrate this momentous occasion and to reward the quizmaster for not losing his mind after writing this thing for so long.”

Well, who can say? It’s not my call. What is my call, however, is what’s happening in this week’s quiz. So please, allow me to reveal the rounds. First up it’s South Africa, followed by Sport. Round Three is Tom Cruise, in honour of Mission: Impossible – Fallout, which I haven’t seen, but I hear it’s a bloody rip-roarer. The Picture Round is Album Covers, because I couldn’t think of anything better this week. And finally, it’s General Knowledge.

Shout out to TinToy Productions. If you know someone who’d like a mention on the Pub Quiz, they can’t have one. That’s not how it works.


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