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22nd Jul 2022

Jimmy Carr shocks fans again with 9/11 and Osama Bin Laden ‘joke’ in latest Netflix show


Jimmy Carr's 9/11 joke One Direction

Despite being from his previous show, people are once again debating it

Social media is currently torn between outrage and defending freedom of expression as Jimmy Carr‘s 9/11 joke during his latest Netflix appearance has left many viewers stunned and others questioning where the line is when it comes to comedy.

The UK comedian appeared on the recently released Netflix Is A Joke: The Festival, which sees some of the world’s biggest comics performing under the streaming giant’s banner, however, the compilation clip is taken from his previous stand-up show, His Dark Materials. One particular joke from his set is now recirculating and dividing opinion.

After setting up the joke by suggesting that he’d like BTS to do a medley of One Direction songs at his funeral, Carr goes on to work a second gag about the boyband into a much darker joke. “Now you might think this is silly, but it’s absolutely true. When Zayn left One Direction, for me, it was like 9/11 — I didn’t care about that either.” You can watch the clip below:

Carr then goes on to suggest that there was a generational divide among those reacting to the joke, quipping that some audience members were thinking “9/11, steady on” while others were more bothered about mocking One Direction.

Digging deeper, as he so often does, Carr then continues: “I was actually supposed to be on one of the planes on 9/11, but the more interesting story is how I met Osama” – an open-ended punchline that was met with some hesitation before largely nervous laughter.

Following the punchlines once again trending on social media, people are now debating whether his jokes are “offensive” or simply free speech in the form of pushing comedy to the limits – an ethos many believe is the purpose of the genre.

Carr faced similar backlash following the initial release of the 2021 special, with many finding his jokes surrounding Travellers, Romany Gypsies and the Holocaust inappropriate or downright “offensive”.

People even went so far as to start a petition asking for it to be removed from the platform.

ln fact, even Carr’s own father has branded him a “shock jock” and “one sick comedian“, describing a number of his jokes about his Irish heritage as “derogatory” and insisting he “crossed the line”.

But many people have also defended the comedian, insisting that jokes are jokes and “comedy is subjective” and that those who don’t like his brand of comedy should simply not watch.


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