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01st Jun 2022

Jimmy Carr’s dad calls him ‘one sick comedian’ and says he ‘crossed the line’ over joke

Danny Jones

Jimmy Carr's dad calls him a 'sick comedian'

He labelled the remarks ‘derogatory’ and ‘offensive’

Jimmy Carr‘s dad has called his son out for jokes he deemed to have “crossed the line”, calling him “one sick comedian, literally and metaphorically”.

The 49-year-old comic’s dad, Jim Carr, called his son a “shock jock” after making what he deemed to be “derogatory” and “offensive” comments about his family’s Irish heritage in his most recent book, Before & Laughter.

Originally released back in September, Carr included details of his heritage, writing: “I’m the son of two immigrants from Limerick who moved to Slough (they moved from a s*** town to another s*** town, I guess they knew what they liked).”

Reflecting on the comments, his father told the Limerick Leader that he feels he “crossed the line”, adding that while he knows his son’s defence “will be, ‘they are only words, I’m only having a laugh’”, he doesn’t want anyone “writing that about Limerick in a book.”

Carr Sr. was so offended, in fact, that he has even written to the Mayor of Limerick City and County Council, Daniel Butler, to revoke an honour awarded to the comedian.

The 8 Out of 10 Cats host revealed back in 2021 that he hasn’t spoken to his father in more than 21 years, telling fellow comics Rob Beckett and Josh Widdicombe on the Parenting Hell podcast: “You know the line, ‘my mother’s dead and my father’s dead to me’ – which sounds very cold until you meet the guy”.

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