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12th Jan 2018

Jeremy Kyle crashes to floor and sustains ‘nasty injury’ during on air chase

James Dawson

Security were forced to assist the presenter.

There were dramatic scenes on today’s Jeremy Kyle Show after the presenter attempted to chase down a guest when she fled the studio with DNA test results.

Kelly feared that the results would reveal her fiancé Jon was not the biological father of her three kids, so responded by snatching the envelope before it could be revealed.

Jeremy shouted: “Sorry they’re my envelopes, this is my show.”

He then ran after Kelly, before – in the midst of the chase – deciding to jump onto security man Dan’s back, only to instead fall to the ground and ‘break his wrist’.

“I have broken my wrist, I just fell off Dan’s back,” he said. “I have a broken wrist and no voice.”

When order was restored, it turned out that Kelly had no reason to fear, as all the children were actually her husband’s.

Don’t you just love a happy ending?