Jeremy Clarkson urges fans to complain to stop Amazon axing Clarkson's Farm 1 year ago

Jeremy Clarkson urges fans to complain to stop Amazon axing Clarkson's Farm

The presenter has previously described the show as an "expensive failure"

Jeremy Clarkson has urged fans of his recent hit show Clarkson's Farm to write to Amazon after he revealed that they were not yet shooting a second series of the show.


Clarkson's Farm has been hugely popular for Amazon and has ranked highly for the streaming service. The show sees the former Top Gear presenter take on the challenge of running his own farm Diddly Squat in the Cotswolds.

However, Clarkson revealed that it had been an "expensive failure" and that he made an annual profit of just £114 in its first year.

Now it seems like there won't be a second series of the show.


The 61-year-old replied to a fan asking him whether they were filming a second series, saying: "No. We aren’t. Write to Amazon, it’s their decision."

Devastated fans couldn't believe the news. One user commented: "@primevideouk @AmazonUK what on earth are you doing?! Get series 2 signed off, now! @JeffBezos"


Another said: "I’m going to pester the daylights out of them. This has been the best show ever to come of Amazon."

A third added: "@PrimeVideo @primevideouk this is the best thing on TV at the mo. Please please please make a second series. You won't regret it."

Clarkson recently explained how the show was created and that he had initially pitched the show to the BBC.

Speaking on DJ Andy Jaye's podcast, he said: "It's a funny little dysfunctional family we've got there but it's great. It's such a harmonious and wonderful workplace. I thought, 'This might work on television'.


"So I started pitching it to Amazon, who immediately said yes. Actually, I first pitched it to the BBC in 2008 and all they were bothered about was, 'Where would the production office be?'.

"I said, 'London, I suppose'. And they said, 'Oh no, you can't do it in London'.

"That's all they said. They never asked what the show was about or where it was going to be made. Amazon was a bit less bothered about that - and here we are."