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10th Jun 2017

James Corden takes the piss out of David Beckham’s most dodgy fashion moments

Paul Moore

The famous sarong gets a mention.

Given that David Beckham is one of the coolest and most likeable people on the planet, it’s almost impossible to say a bad word against the former England captain because he’s a class act.

This being said, we’ll always have some of those ridiculous moments when his fashion choices or hairstyles – remember the cornrows? – almost looked like they could make Beckham’s halo slip….marginally.

From the moment he chipped Neil Sullivan from the halfway line, the former Manchester United, Real Madrid and LA Galaxy player has been living his life in the spotlight and unlike mere mortals, his dodgy gear has been laid bare for the whole world to see.

Granted, his skills as a footballer and celebrity lifestyle ensured that Beckham was known all over the world, but Becks was never shy about pushing the boat out to get a few more column inches.

We’re certain that Sir Alex Ferguson must have loved that!

Of course, we all remember the famous moment when he wore a sarong in public and during a recent interview on The Late Late Show with James Corden, Beckham was more than happy to be grilled about some of his ‘interesting’ attire.

Fair play to him because he was more than happy to laugh at some of the really dodgy fashion choices that we made at the time.

Take a look.