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23rd Nov 2017

Jack Maynard explains the reason behind his exit from I’m A Celeb

"I was just young, stupid and that's not an excuse whatsoever."

Cathy Donohue

“My explanation”.

Jack Maynard left the I’m A Celebrity camp on Wednesday after barely three days and the shock exit caused major confusion among fans.

It was believed that Jack made the decision to end his stint on the show due to insensitive tweets he had previously shared and he has admitted that he “messed up”.

Further reports emerged after this and Jack and his team decided he needed to exit the reality show so that he could comment publicly on the situation.

Jack has since spoken out on the reports and issued an apology via his YouTube account.

“I’m sorry to anyone that I upset, anyone that I offended, anyone I made feel uncomfortable.

“Growing up I was all over social, my entire life was on social media an through that it led to be my job.

He went on to say:

“I was just young, stupid and that’s not an excuse whatsoever. The thing is I am still growing up, I’m learning every single day”.

The 23-year-old went on to say that it was difficult “growing up online” and that he hopes his followers can learn from his mistakes. In fact, his exact words were, never put anything online that you wouldn’t say to your mum.

Jack also said that he was “gutted and embarrassed” that this has happened now after such an “amazing year” He concluded by thanking his fans and saying he would “see them soon”.