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03rd Feb 2017

Idris Elba asked kids for dating advice and got some amazing suggestions

Because even the Sexiest Man of the Year 2013 needs help now and again.

Rich Cooper

So you’re the coolest man in Britain. Surely you don’t need any help finding a date?

Apparently Idris Elba does. Well, probably not, but he’s teamed up with fundraising website Omaze to find a date for Valentine’s Day. Donate $10 to the cause and you could win yourself a evening with Mr. Elba himself.

In order to sharpen up for the big occasion, Idris asked a group of kids for their tips on what makes a good date. Needless to say, he got some hilarious responses, and some of his reactions are absolutely priceless.



“If I’m trying to impress my date,” Idris asks. “Can I be a bad boy persona or a good guy persona?”

“Bad,” one girl confidently replies. “Because if you’re good then you might have to wear glasses, suspenders, ugly trousers and your watch will be a babyish one, and then your date will probably slap you because she likes someone bad.”

Solid. Advice.

If you fancy being Idris’ date for Valentine’s Day, you can check out the Omaze campaign here. If you don’t fancy being Idris’ date for Valentine’s Day, what the hell is wrong with you?