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11th Mar 2018

Holly Willboughy’s accidental ‘rude’ joke leaves Brooke Vincent shocked on Dancing On Ice

Erm, this is Sunday evening TV.

Wil Jones

Holly Willboughy’s chilled bants with Phillip Scofield on This Morning has made the pair national treasures.

But now it appears to be spreading through the rest of the ITV schedule, as the pair hosted the Dancing On Ice final. Picture the scene: finalist and Coronation Street star Brooke Vincent, and her partner and her partner Matej Silecky has just danced to Christina Aguilera’s late 90s banger ‘Genie In A Bottle’.

Cut to Holly and Phil to tell you how to vote for her. And Willoughby says:

If Brooke had you rubbing your lamp for joy, vote for her.

Erm, this is Sunday evening TV. Phil looked shocked, and Brooke Vincent let out audible “Oi!”.

Those at home reacted similarly.