You can now play Pac-Man on Google Maps 5 years ago

You can now play Pac-Man on Google Maps

Prepare for a heavy dose of procrastination, brought to you by Google Maps.

The temptation to procrastinate is stronger than usual as we reach the end of the working week, but Google Maps has seen to it that productivity is almost certain to take a nosedive.


They’ve done it before (and they can do it as often as they like as far as we’re concerned), but in honour of April Fools’ Day, Google have added Ms. Pac-Man to Google Maps.

Open up the Google Maps app on your smartphone, for example, and you will be greeted with a Ms. Pac-Man icon to start playing the game immediately on the actual map itself.

Better yet, you can choose where you want to play it on the map, whether it be in the area surrounding your own home, or fancy far-flung destinations such as New York or Paris.


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Give it a go for yourself... but don't blame us if you find yourself staring at a screen come 1am lamenting having wasted a good Friday evening.