Gogglebox receive Ofcom complaints after cast poke fun at the Royals 1 year ago

Gogglebox receive Ofcom complaints after cast poke fun at the Royals

Gogglebox is a beloved show that captures everyday people's reactions, but the latest episode ruffled a few Royalist feathers

Gogglebox returned to our screens at the end of February and people have been eagerly anticipating the various families' reactions to Harry and Meghan's Oprah Interview. This past Friday, they got their wish.


The show is known for capturing a swathe of genuine reactions and opinions regarding what's on the telly that week. Apparently, though, certain viewers took objection to comments made about the Royal family.

The episode saw the cast watch as Meghan Markle revealed that not only had she contemplated suicide, but that she didn't receive the help she needed from the royal family. Their disbelief was only ramped up when Meghan dropped the bombshell that concerns had been voiced about "how dark the colour of [Archie's] skin might be".

Even prior to the first clips of the interview were played, fan-favourite, Lee Riley, dubbed it "the interview of the century". After such shocking revelations were made clear, another cast member, Pete Sandiford commented, "this is going to have massive ramifications now for the royal family, because our perception of them is changing."


All accurate points, right? Well, it was the following comments that are believed to have sparked outrage among some viewers at home - enough to complain to Ofcom, anyway.

After hearing that the Royals had suggested Markle keep acting to pay for the security they were set to lose as no longer 'active Royals', Stephen Webb joked: "What did they want her to do? Get her a part in EastEnders?".

Moments later, Sophie - Pete's sister (see above) quipped, "Stick her in the gift shop while you’re at it [...] 30 hours a week in the gift shop should cover her funds", she said, sarcastically.

By any estimation, these are some of the most minor, off the top of your head quips you could imagine - that's what it's about: people reacting, talking and joking the way they do at home. Not only are they by no means offensive, but they are also some of the most light-hearted jabs you'll see in the show.


Cast members have cracked jokes about everything from Covid-19, to Boris, Hancock and the government in the past year or so, yet, seemingly, some people draw the line at the Royals. The thing is, the jokes weren't even directly mocking the family: they simply made light of their obvious wealth in tandem with Markle's previous acting career.

Sophie and brother Pete also joked "Who knew you could let fireworks off at half six in the morning?", as they acknowledged what was a headline breaking news story. Suppose that warrants being arrested according to some people.

The show also displayed a variety of opinions, as it always does; for instance, when reacting to Meghan's mental health admission, Mary and Giles remarked that they "can't believe that if the Queen knew how upset she was, the Queen wouldn’t have insisted she have some help."

Ultimately, the episode was always going to be talked about simply because it was covering such a big talking point. Complaints or not, the cast said nothing problematic, unlike someone did recently over on ITV.