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30th Jun 2016

Get hype, Wreck It Ralph 2 has been officially announced

He's gonna wreck it! Again!

Carl Anka

Ralph is gonna wreck it! Again!

Grown up Disney fans are in for a treat in 2018 as Disney have announced a sequel to the sleeper hit Wreck It Ralph.

Pencilled in for a March 9, 2018 release, Wreck It Ralph 2 will see John C. Reilly reprise his role as the titular not-quite-hero, who spent much of the first game struggling to want to be a good guy while he plays a major boss in an arcade machine.

Funny, charming and packed full of videogaming easter eggs, the first Wreck It Ralph film was the perfect “stick it on when babysitting, but enjoy it far more than the young ones” film.

Going by the concept art released along with the Wreck It Ralph 2 announcement, the new film will see Ralph and sidekick Vanellope entering the digital world.

During the announcement on Disney’s Facebook Live channel, the videogaming duo got to stand tall over billboards parodying Google and Amazon.

“It’s top secret but I’ll tell you this much… Ralph leaves the arcade and wrecks the Internet,” Reilly teased. “What could go wrong?”

Going by your last adventure Ralph, lots. And lots. And we can’t wait. With original Wreck It Ralph and Zootopia director Rich Moore helming this effort, Wreck It Ralph 2 is sure to be a big deal when it comes out in March 2018. See you on opening night.

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