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17th Jun 2021

GB News fans cancel Specsavers because they hate cancel culture

Danny Jones

Customers boycott Specsavers over pulling ads from GB News

Who’s gonna tell ’em?

The apparent arbiters of true, unadulterated news, untouched by ‘woke culture’, are apparently forgetting their roots not long after they’ve even bedded in. It’s just the next page in a shaky opening chapter for GB News.

Despite claiming to be anti-cancel culture, with segments such as “Wokewatch” and “Mediawatch” and claiming it will not turn into “shouty, angry television”, it seems the audience didn’t get the memo.

After several companies including Grolsch, Koppaberg and Ikea pulled advertisements from the ‘alternative’ news channel, it would seem the show’s already die-hard fans are utterly incensed and are now boycotting the likes of the Specsavers, who also pulled ads from the broadcast.

That’s right, the very same people you see spending most of their days calling out cancel culture on social media are now, well, cancelling Specsavers…

Pot, kettle, black, water is wet.

I think it's a disgrace that you have cancelled your advertising on GB News. I certainly won't be using your services…

Posted by Ken Walker on Thursday, June 17, 2021

Matt in the comments is a champ.

Ah yes, because GB News hasn’t jumped on any bandwagon at all, has it?

Even old Lozza has joined in on the ‘fun’? We genuinely don’t know at this point, to be honest – they must enjoy defending their right to be the only ones allowed to be offended by anything, otherwise, how do they have the time and energy?

We just can’t believe he won an award at all, to be honest. They definitely didn’t go Specsavers (sorry).

Here’s a little tip for GB News and any of those genuinely annoyed that Specsavers (of all the relatively innocuous brands too) have saved you one less piece of content delivered in an inherently consumerist format: if this is the kind of company you keep, chances are you’re not just whinging in an echo chamber – it’s a full-blown void.

As it turns out, despite labelling anyone interested in accountability and caring about the power of their message and how they are received as ‘snowflakes’ and ‘wokies’, nobody cares more about this shite than these lot, apparently.

It continues to baffle that after going on ad nauseam about everyone being entitled to their opinion for so long, that these muppets refuse to accept any one that differs from their own.