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19th May 2019

Game of Thrones finale plot reportedly leaked online

Spoiler: It's shite

Oli Dugmore

Spoiler: It’s shite

An in depth description of the Game of Thrones finale has leaked on Reddit.

Despite action taken by subreddit moderators to delete the document, it was circulated widely before deletion and is now beyond containing.

Released ahead of the penultimate episode, which it detailed accurately, users are now accepting its events as gospel.

game of thrones

This is not the first season eight leak, either. Episodes one and two were accessible online hours before actual broadcast, same for stills of three and clips of four.

Not to mention the appearance of a Starbucks coffee cup and repeated panning by critics, fans and even the actors themselves, often dissatisfied with their character’s demise.

It’s so bad, more than one million little babies have signed a petition demanding writers have another go at the season. They hate it so.

And yet, and yet. We’ll all be watching it. In fact some stay up until 2am to watch it. Thank God it’s nearly all over.