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28th Jul 2018

Game of Thrones’ Sophie Turner has an absolutely brutal warning about next season

Keeley Ryan

Game of Thrones’ final season has officially wrapped

Which means that we’re going to have a really long wait until the HBO series’ eighth and final season finally arrives on screens.

There’s a bit of a bright spot, though: the cast are being a bit more chatty this year, sharing insider information about what fans can expect.

The latest tidbit comes from Sophie Turner, who has played Sansa Stark for all eight seasons – and made a fairly sinister reveal.

According to Metro, she said that things are going to be “bloodier than ever” and the season is “full of betrayal”.

Given the kind of low bodycount for season 7, we were kind of expecting this. But still.

Game of Thrones

She said:

“[This season is] full of betrayal, full of war, full of danger.

“That’s all I can say without giving too much away.”

It comes as HBO’s programming Chief Casey Bloys told Entertainment Weekly a few more hints about what’s going to happen this season.

He said:

“I think it’s epic. I think fans are going to love it.

“I think it’s a fitting way for one of the greatest shows in the history of television to go out and that people are going to be very happy.”

He also confirmed that, after about a year of reports that the episodes would all be feature film length, that that was not the case.

He added:

“Not two hours? Yes, they are not going to be. Not that I’ve seen anyway.”