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20th Jun 2017

WATCH: Game of Thrones teases tantalising clues about Season 7 in latest promo

Including a rallying cry from Jon Snow and much more.

Conor Heneghan

The wait for Season 7 of Game of Thrones is getting agonising at this stage.

Impatience is beginning to get the better of many Game of Thrones fans in what has seemed like an interminable wait for Season 7, but that doesn’t stop us all hanging on everything they’ve been drip-feeding in their many teasers so far.

The most recent one came from Madrid, where HBO set up a booth in the city for fans to catch a glimpse of some of their favourite characters and snippets of what to expect in the season ahead.

The snippets may have been brief, but they did offer some tantalising clues about what’s coming up in a shortened Season 7, with the most interesting perhaps being Jon Snow’s latest rallying cry to his comrades in the north.

“Yesterday’s wars don’t matter, the North needs to band together,” Snow can be heard saying, while the sight of him clad in layer upon layer of fur suggest the ravages of winter will be keenly felt in upcoming episodes.

Elsewhere, fans could see the unfurling of a Lannister flag, Podrick receiving some combat training from Brienne, a new Maester in the Citadel at Oldtown and Daenerys exploring a cave, thought to be in Dragonstone.

These little snippets are all well and good and will just about keep fans ticking over for the time being, but Season 7 could do with hurrying up and getting here already.

Thankfully, we have less than a month to wait.

As far as the final season is concerned, however, we could be waiting a while for that one yet.