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14th Aug 2017

Game of Thrones are absolutely delighted to see this weapon and the person that used it

Paul Moore

They’ve waited for this.

The Internet is dark and full of terrors. Actually, it’s pretty great, but we’re going to give you a spoiler alert warning anyway.

Row, row, row your boat, Gendry down the stream.

Oh yes, after years of rowing in the wilderness and Internet fame as the world’s most popular meme, Robert Baratheon’s bastard is back and he returned with a bang. To be honest, it served those nosy coast guards right.

Still though, Gendry is back on land! Joe Dempsie even tweeted about it.

Couldn’t they have just taken their money and fermented crab and had a good night? You know what we mean (wink, wink)

Robert Baratheon would be proud to see his bastard wield a hammer like that!

We even got a good laugh out of Ser Davos’ meta joke that “I thought you might still be rowing…”

This being said, Gendry isn’t just here for a one line cameo.

After Joe Dempsie showed up at the Season 7 launch party, it was pretty much assured that everyone’s favourite weaponsmith would be returning to Westeros, but we didn’t know what way his return would play out.

After all, the Brotherhood Without Banners did betray the young blacksmith and sell him to Melisandre, who wanted to to sacrifice Gendry to the Lord of Light because she believed ‘king’s blood’ would help Stannis’ bid for the Iron Throne.

As stated in our episode review, Gendry could also be one of the very few people that can weaponise dragon glass, so he’s absolutely vital with the Long Night coming. He’s also pretty handy in a fight which is good enws considering what’s in store in the next episode!

When asked by EW about Gendry’s parentage, Dempsie had this to say “Yeah, I feel like there’s stuff to explore. Gendry’s position in this war has to have some kind of constitutional value. What part he plays in the politics has still to be seen, if anything. For the moment, I’m pleased to be back involved and be one of these Avengers. He doesn’t seem like the kind of character who would make a play for power. But then maybe it could be something foisted upon him reluctantly.  I feel like him and Jon Snow are forming a bond over the bastards thing. They’re also two of the inherently good characters in the series. Not that that protects you, but I think they’re quite a formidable force — if they can carry on cooperating…”

After his return, plenty of Game of Thrones fans were absolutely delighted to say that  his long, long…loooooooooooong journey in the boat come to an end.

All he has to deal with now is the army of the dead. At least he had a rest!

He must have strong arms after all that rowing!

It’s done. It’s finally done.