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23rd Aug 2015

Freddie Flintoff tells JOE how to make the perfect chip…

Lia Nicholls

What does a former England cricket captain really know about cooking fish and chips?

Freddie Flintoff bought a fish and chip van, put on his white coat and cranked up his deep-fat fryers to cook for the nation in the TV show Lord Of The Fries.

But even though that was a while ago now, he hasn’t let his trusty van go rusty in the garage.

Freddie tells JOE he can’t wait to get back out on the road, and that he still loves to serve up a tasty bag of chips with “lashings of salt and vinegar” for his family.

JOE: So how do you make the best chip, Freddie?

FF: “It’s all about the potatoes, innit…”

JOE: Organic?

FF: “Yeah ideally, but it depends on the time of year, because they get browner throughout the year, like at the beginning of the season they’re a bit pale and then they get golden brown as you go on…

“For the chips you got to blanch ’em first; blanch ’em at 155 degrees, for a good six to seven minutes, let them stand for a while, and then put them back in at about 165 to finish off. 

JOE: Wow…

FF: “I know me chips.”

JOE: Salt & vinegar?

FF: “Oh yes”

JOE: Ketchup or brown sauce?

FF: “Oh no, that’s a waste. Mushy peas and nice piece of fish.”

With the most important topic out of the way, he also said some very wise things about the Ashes and revealed how much he liked and knew current music like “Sam Cook…”

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