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08th Dec 2015

Frank Ocean single coming Friday – it is isn’t it Frank? Frank, Fraaaaaank!

Lia Nicholls

Is Frank Ocean making Christmas come early for his fans?

The singer, who has been keeping his devoted army waiting for three-and-a-half years, is reported to be releasing a new single on Friday, December 11.

The rumours began a while ago when we were told to ‘remember the words White Ferrari’ and fans started losing their sh*t.

However, until his disciples hear it from a more reliable source, ie: the horse’s mouth, they’re dubious to say the least.

This Frank devotee announced she can’t handle anymore heartbreak, this is an album release we’re talking about, right?

It’s not even out and another type of panic has set in; what if it does drop and it’s not very good?

Maybe Frank feels like it’s time for Adele to share the limelight, something she’ll be only too pleased to do as a self-confessed Ocean aficionado.

This is a question I just asked myself.

Answer: probably a few more yet.