Fortnite is finally getting its first vehicle 4 years ago

Fortnite is finally getting its first vehicle

The game is finally getting vehicles, just maybe not the sort people were hoping for

Fortnite's rival in the battle royale genre, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has long had vehicles littered around its virtual maps. Players can hop onto a bike, into a car or a van and essentially speed across the map in search of further death and destruction.


Until now, Epic Games had resisted the urge to add vehicles to its online behemoth, leaving players to use either their legs or a launch pad of some kind to maneuver long distances, but their latest update of the game looks set to change all that.

Credit: Epic Games

Because you see, Fortnite's latest patch - version 4.3 - has just been teased via the game's online news client, and it would seem that shopping carts, yes, shopping carts are being added to the game as its first vehicles.

What isn't sure, among lots of other things surrounding this cart, is how exactly it will work. Will it simply be lying on the street, waiting for someone to jump into it? Will it require a squad member standing on the back to propel it forward? Or will it take up an inventory slot like a launch pad or a weapon?

All these things we don't yet know, but the update is coming out later this week so you don't have long to wait.