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19th May 2017

Former Game of Thrones star calls for one of the show’s most beloved characters to be resurrected

Winter came too soon

Darragh Berry

Winter came too soon for poor Ned.

Famous actor and former star of Game of Thrones, Sean Bean, has called on the fantasy drama, Game of Thrones, to bring his character back to life.

Bean’s character, Ned Stark, headed up the first series of the show but was famously killed off in the series finale when he was beheaded.

Viewers were left shocked in 2011 by the untimely death of one of the show’s best characters (there’s been plenty more of where that came from) and it seems Bean was just as disappointed that his character was killed off as fans were.

When asked by the Press Association which of his many characters he would like to bring back to life, he said:

“Probably Game of Thrones. There’s quite a lot of them – nearly all of them. They like to die.”

Sadly, Bean is right, they do like to die. His characters have become known to suffer brutal deaths.

In Lord of The Rings, his character, Boromir, dies defending Merry and Pippin from the orcs and in GoldenEye, he plays James Bond baddie, Alec Trevelyan, who is left dangling above the earth by 007, who then eventually lets him go.

Clip via marek4792’s channel

Poor Sean, he’s hanging out with the wrong crowds.

The Press Association went on to tell him that the television show could script a revival for his Stark character similar to that of another show favourite, Jon Snow.

Bean replied eagerly: “I know! Tell them.”

A spin-off of Bean’s character was created in the show’s sixth series when a young Bran Stark travelled back in time in the hope of discovering the true parentage of Snow.

The English actor has been kept busy in 2017 so far and features in Drone, a Canadian thriller, where Bean plays a drone pilot who is confronted by a Pakistani businessman in his hometown.

If you want to see more of Bean, that film will be released towards the end of May and for all you Game of Thrones fans, series seven returns to Sky Atlantic on 17 July.

Clip via Sky Atlantic