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22nd Nov 2018

Venom 2 looks set for July 2020 release date

Wil Jones

Venom was great

Seriously, ignore the reviews. It was just all about Tom Hardy going batshit crazy.

Tom Hardy walking down the street mumbling inherently to himself. Tom Hardy, rummaging through bins, looking for rotten chicken. Tom Hardy, screaming in a posh restaurant then jumping in the lobster tank.

So much fun.

Anyway, it seems audiences definitely didn’t agree with the critics, as the movie has already made $780 millions of its $100 million budget. So we are almost definitely getting a sequel.

Den of Geek has spotted that Sony have earmarked two release dates for upcoming movies – 10th July and 2nd October 2020.

And they reckon that those are highly likely to be the two Spider-Man projects Marvel have in development.

One of them is Venom 2. The other is Morbius, the adaptation of the ‘living vampire’ Spidey villain, which Jared Leto is set to star in.

Venom ended with Hardy’s Eddie Brock visiting serial killer Cletus Kassidy in prison, who was played by Woody Harrelson. In the comics, Kassidy becomes Carnage, Venom’s even-more-deadly nemesis.

A sequel with Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson trying to out-crazy each other would be quite frankly amazing.