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29th Nov 2018

The Kingsman prequel will reportedly be a ‘Period drama’ instead of a spy thriller

Wil Jones

“The man who would be Kingsman”

More details are coming in about the next installments of the Kingsman franchise.

Collider are reporting that the rumoured Kingsman prequel is due to start filming in London in January, with a shoot lasting four and a half months. Matthew Vaughn, who helmed the first two movies, is set to return to the director’s chair.

We’d previously heard that a third movie was due to shoot in early 2019, but most people had presumed that it was part three that was being made.

Most interestingly though, is the fact that they say the film is being described as a “period drama”, as opposed to a spy-thriller. So will it be more Pride & Prejudice than James Bond? (Colin Firth will be able to handle it, either way).

The prequel will reportedly show the “history of the world through the eyes of Kingsman”.

They also report that the line “The man who would be Kingsman” is being used to sum up the film – a riff on Rudyard Kipling’s 1888 story The Man Who Would Be King.

Collider also have more details on Kingsman 3, and the Kingsman TV series.

The script for the second sequel is close to being finished, and Vaughn looks likely to start shooting a few months after finishing up the prequel.

And as for the TV, all they say is that it is supposedly going to be very different from the movies, and stand on its own.