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23rd Dec 2022

People stunned after finding out the age of Kevin’s mum in Home Alone

Charlie Herbert

Home Alone

She was the same age as Lindsay Lohan is today

There can be no doubt that Home Alone is one of the best Christmas films of all time, and it’s rare the festive season feels complete without at least one watch of it.

But even more than three decades after the film’s release, there are still some things that fans are only just learning about the cast and characters.

One of these new titbits of trivias is how old Kevin McCallister’s mum was in the film.

Played by the legendary Catherine O’Hara, Kate McCallister was married to Peter McCallister. Together, the couple had five children, including Kevin.

But people have been stunned to learn that the actress herself was just 36 when she played the character.

This was noted by one TikToker @justbri_always, who put this into context by pointing out that O’Hara was the same age in the film as Lindsay Lohan is now.

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The TikTok has racked up more than 224,000 likes and 1.5m views in just two days.

The TikToker also pointed out the surprising ages of other iconic characters from film and television, adding that the Golden Girls were meant to be in their 50s.

However, if they were to be played by actual women in their 50s these days, this would include the actresses from Friends.

In the comments, many voiced their amazement at the character’s age, with one suggesting that the hair styles were “100%” the reason they seemed older back then.

Another agreed, saying: “It’s gotta be the hair and makeup. It’s evolved so much. My aunties wore lipstick to look older.”

And a third simply suggested that “millennials don’t age the same as gen x or boomers.”

In recent years, Home Alone fans have also been shocked to learn something about one of the film’s most quotable moments.

One of the most memorable scenes is when Kevin freaks out a pizza boy by playing dialogue from an old-timey gangster movie that features the line “Keep the change, ya filthy animal”, before the gangster sprays his machine gun at his victim.

In Home Alone, this movie is referred to as Angels With Filthy Souls. But fans of the movie have been shocked to learn that there is no such film – and that the scene was shot purely so it could be included in the 1990 Christmas classic.

This tidbit of earth-shattering information was tweeted out by actor Seth Rogen on Christmas Day in 2018, and since then movie-lovers across social media have been in utter disbelief.

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