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09th Nov 2018

Here are the seven best movies on TV this Friday

Dave Hanratty

Roll up, roll up…

Get your tickets.

There is a decent handful of decent movies on the television this Friday night – 9 November – for you (yes, you) to devour.

Without further ceremony, here are those cinematic exploits…

About a Boy – Film 4 – 7pm

A cranky Hugh Grant does his best to charm Rachel Weisz with assistance from an adorable Nicholas Hoult in his breakout role.

22 Jump Street – Comedy Central – 9pm

Another ‘better than it had any right to be’ effort from messrs Tatum and Hill.

Event Horizon – SyFy – 9pm

Gory and bizarre, Event Horizon boasts a strong cast and a lot of weird, weird script choices.

Transporter 3 – E4 – 9pm

The weakest of the Transporter trilogy by some distance, but hey, it’s Jason Statham so it goes in.

Avengers Assemble – SyFy – 11pm

Or as it’s also known, The Avengers.

You probably know what this one is about.

Alien 3 – Film 4 – 11.05pm

In which David Fincher takes on the Xenomorph and a ton of studio red tape.

The troubled making of Alien 3 is definitely more interesting than the end product, with Fincher officially disowning the film for his entire career.

Still, the prison planet concept is intriguing, Sigourney Weaver is typically excellent and Charles Dance shines in an all-too-brief appearance.

Resident Evil: Extinction – Film 4 – 1.20am

‘The best one out of the Resident Evil franchise’ might be damning it with faint praise, but 2007’s Extinction is genuinely quite strong zombie fare.

Directed by Highlander helmer Russel Mulcahy, the third instalment in the series takes the action to the desert and slows things right down, focusing on characters and tense situations.

Look, it ain’t a Romero movie but it’s honestly better than you might think.