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03rd Dec 2018

Here are the 3 best movies on the TV tonight

Rory Cashin

Denzel Washington or Thor, Son Of Odin? Decisions, decisions…

If you’re in a movie mood, here are two options we recommend.

One: go to the cinema to watch either Ralph Breaks The Internet or Creed 2.

Two: watch one of these on the TV tonight:



Dark Shadows – SyFy – 9.00pm

Johnny Depp, Eva Green, Michelle Pfeiffer, Helena Bonham Carter, Johnny Lee Miller, and Chloe Grace Moretz star in Tim Burton’s take on a dysfunctional family, except the members of this family are all legitimate monsters, who need to put their vampire-y thirsts to one side if they are to survive.

Thor – FilmFour – 9.00pm

Not as good as Ragnarok, but WAY better than The Dark World, this was the Thor that felt very Shakespearean (probably due to director Kenneth Branagh), but between the perfect casting of Chris Hemsworth and his natural chemistry with Natalie Portman, this was still a lot of fun. Plus this is where we were introduced to the MCU’s best villain, Loki.


Inside Man – ITV4 – 11.05pm

Denzel Washington and Chiwetel Ejiofar play detectives trying to solve a bank robbery, Clive Owen is the genius who is pulling off the heist, and Jodie Foster is the shady lady between them all trying to keep some secrets kept hidden. A fantastic thriller.