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17th Mar 2022

Fans can’t get enough of this old Tom Hardy drama that’s just dropped on Netflix

Danny Jones

Fans go wild as Tom Hardy's Taboo goes on Netflix

Tom Hardy at his delicious darkest

People have just discovered the sleeper hit Taboo, a 2017 BBC drama starring Tom Hardy, has finally been put on Netflix and they can’t get enough of it.

Despite having been available on BBC iPlayer ever since its release, many people are now revisiting the Steven Knight drama – the same man behind Peaky Blinders – as well as discovering it for the first time.

Celebrating its launch on the platform, Netflix Italia simply tweeted: “Appreciation post for Tom Hardy in Taboo”.

Without giving too much away, Hardy stars as James Keziah Delaney, a mysterious, violent and rebellious character based on a story he wrote himself, along with his dad, Edward. It’s set in London as it leaves the Regency period and enters into a grittier Victorian era.

The plot is too complex to explain, but there are some historical aspects.

Here’s how one viewer described it:

As well as having the draw of Knight’s pedigree, Ridley Scott was also involved in the project which is often cited as one of Hardy’s greatest performances.

Yes, there’s plenty of his trademark mumbling and grunting – though he doesn’t pull out the same cockney accent he uses for Alfie Solomons.

When it was released, Taboo, received a good response from critics, but its dark themes didn’t make it a smash hit with viewers, though it has a 92 per cent audience rating on Rotten Tomatoes.

That being said, people now seem to be genuinely annoyed that they’ve only just stumbled upon it:

Having been made in association with FX in the US, the only other thing that people seemed to be surprised and upset about is that there hasn’t been a second season yet.

Could this second wave of viewership change that? In an interview in November last year, Knight suggested another season was coming…. but he didn’t say when.

You can watch the trailer for Taboo below, which is now available on Netflix in numerous countries:

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