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12th Feb 2017

Everyone was loving Johnny Vegas’ antics as co-host of Sunday Brunch

"Have you ever eaten from a bin and pretended you're a fox?"

Rich Cooper

Sometimes the best TV is not always the slickest TV.

Viewers certainly discovered that today as Johnny Vegas stepped into the presenting shoes of Tim Lovejoy, fronting Sunday Brunch with regular co-host Simon Rimmer.

Vegas is always a welcome presence as a guest, but no one was prepared for what happened when he took the reins of the show – least of all Vegas himself.



The show could be charitably described as ‘chaotic’, with Vegas missing his cues, rambling on at guests, dropping food all over the studio, and generally just being Johnny Vegas.

Lovejoy was away recovering from a back operation, but viewers were absolutely loving the carnage that ensued with Vegas in his place.


We doubt Tim Lovejoy has much to worry about, but the Sunday Brunch producers know just who to call the next time they need a guest host: someone else, probably.

Feature: @LesleyMcindoe

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