Enjoying these two songs means that you are more likely to be a possible psychopath 4 years ago

Enjoying these two songs means that you are more likely to be a possible psychopath

No, it isn't 'Galway Girl' by Ed Sheeran, although that is an understandable guess...

There have been a number of different ways that people have tried to sniff out psychopaths recently.


Remember the study that showed those that don't yawn when others around them yawn was a signifier of psychopathic behaviour?

Or this study which claimed that psychopaths were more likely to drink bitters than other types of alcohol?

Or this list of jobs which were linked to accidentally employing higher percentages of psychopaths than others?

Quite frankly, the obsession on discovering psychopathic behaviour in others is itself bordering on psychopathic.

That being said, The Guardian has revealed some of the details of a new study which reveals that there are two specific songs that psychopaths are more likely to like.

Yup, if you happen to enjoy listening to 'No Diggity' by Blackstreet and 'Lose Yourself' by Eminem, then there's a good chance you might need some therapy.


The problem here is that both this writer and most of my friends love both of those songs, so either the results are way off, or... (worried face emoji)

On the opposite end of the scale, those with the least psychopath tendencies enjoyed jazz music (which sounds like madness to us...), classical music, and when it came to specific songs, they were fans of 'My Sharona' by The Knacks and 'Titanium' by David Guetta and Sia.

The study was conducted by Channel 4, and they asked over 3 million people questions about their music tastes - as well as their favourite newspapers, apparently psychopaths love reading The Financial Times - and rap music and heavy metal were more likely to be linked to those with psychopathic tendencies.

There were songs which held a higher signifier than 'No Diggity' or 'Lose Yourself', but the study didn't want to reveal those details in case psychopaths found out what they were and decided to stop listening to those songs, in order not to give themselves away.


We'd put good money on it being 'La Macarena', but maybe that is just because it causes us to lose our minds on the dancefloor...