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03rd Sep 2021

Emilia Clarke said Jason Momoa got her as drunk ‘as humanly possible’ during reunion

Danny Jones

Emilia Clarke and Jason Momoa's drunken reunion

Khal Drogo loves a sesh

The Mother of Dragons has told how she was almost slain by the booze after going out on the lash with her ex-co-star Jason Momoa.

Emilia Clarke, best known as Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones, gave a recent interview to PEOPLE Magazine, in which she discussed self-confidence, saying no to plastic surgery and drowning in booze with Aquaman star, Momoa.

Momoa, 42, played Khaleesi’s brutish, slave-driving owner turned soulmate in the first series of GoT and despite the once fractious nature of their relationship on set, have remained close friends ever since.

Clarke, 34, has often discussed their boozy reunions on the likes of The Graham Norton ShowMomoa, the same – but at their latest reunion for GoT co-creator David Benioff’s birthday, she said that her former husband got her “as drunk as humanly possible”. Clarke shared pictures from the night out on the tiles to her Instagram page.

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She explained how she’d “never tried so many different whiskeys in my entire life. There were a couple that were really nice, and there were a couple that were [like] paint stripper, and I literally was like, ‘Yeah I’m gonna down you, get hair on your chest.’ It was funny.”

Clarke went on to say that the calibre of night out came as no surprise, stating that “When Jay’s in town, you know it’s going down”, joking also that “It’s almost like a test, every time he sees [me] he’s like, ‘Can I still throw you around the room? Yeah I can.'” Momoa shared his own amusing pictures from the celebrations:

While the show itself may have gone out on somewhat of a sour note, this friendship clearly never ended and the bond they shared both on and off-screen is as strong as ever.

Fair play to Clarke, by the way – we can’t imagine how much of a constitution you must need to go drink for drink with Jason Momoa.

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