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02nd May 2019

Emilia Clarke discusses that Daenerys Targaryen waxwork from Dublin museum

Wayne Farry

At least it looks like one of the family

Emilia Clarke, who plays Daenerys Targaryen in popular historical drama Game of Thrones, has finally discussed the recent waxwork of her character that recently went viral.

The waxwork was created by Dublin’s Wax Museum to celebrate the new season of the show – its final season – and Clarke discussed it during an appearance on US talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live.

After discussing the most recent season of the show, and hinting that the remaining episodes, particularly the fifth, will be “even bigger” than the recent Battle of Winterfell, the topic of the waxwork came up.

Surprisingly, Clarke revealed that while it doesn’t look anything like her, it does in fact look like her brother.

“Here’s the funny thing. If anyone wants to know what my brother actually looks like, it’s that. He looks like that. I mean, that’s him with mascara and a wig. I mean, legitimately it’s frightening. I was like ‘that is my brother’,” she said.