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21st Jan 2017

Ed Sheeran’s childhood best mate randomly showed up on Graham Norton’s red chair

He seemed stunned.

Conor Heneghan

Some may question just how ‘random’ it was, but Ed certainly seemed to be genuinely surprised.

Having taken himself out of the spotlight for a year, you can’t look sideways without spotting Ed Sheeran so far in 2017.

With his new songs dominating the charts all over the world and a tour on the way, Sheeran is very much back in the limelight and he made an appearance on Graham Norton to promote his new album on Friday night.

Always a highlight of Graham’s show, the red chair proved particularly interesting on the night, as a former acquaintance of Ed’s showed up on screen.

Ed didn’t know who he was at first, but on closer inspection, he realised it was his childhood best friend, with whom he spent a lot of time growing up. And, indeed, the man who introduced him to The Simpsons for the very first time (well done, sir).

As it turns out, his story about Sheeran wasn’t particularly interesting (something about his mother making him sausages), but it was nice to see Ed’s surprised and delighted reaction and to see them reminiscing on the couch as the show drew to a close (skip ahead to 35:50 in the clip below).