Fans think they've spotted Deadpool and Tom Cruise's Iron Man in new Doctor Strange trailer 4 months ago

Fans think they've spotted Deadpool and Tom Cruise's Iron Man in new Doctor Strange trailer

Two of Hollywood's biggest stars joining the world's biggest action franchise? Adds up

While people are still getting to grips with the new Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness trailer and the sheer amount of stuff on screen, the most eagle-eyed of fans think they've spotted two huge stars among the chaos.


As well as confirming that Patrick Stewart will be returning as Professor X as part of the Illuminati in the Strange sequel, some people on social media also believe that not only will we be getting Deadpool's first full appearance in the MCU proper - but a first look at 'Superior Iron Man' too.

In addition to a comic book aficionado pointing out how it looks as though Marvel is setting up for the next phase and the Secret Wars storyline - a 12-issue limited series that ran back in the 80s - if you check the left image in the second post you can just about make out a familiar 'merc with a mouth'. Look closely and you can even see him doing his trademark shush:


As for the character on the right, most people seem to think that is Superior Iron Man: a variant of the Tony Stark we all know and love from the MCU and given what we know following the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home, it looks like he may have made his way into the same dimension as Strange.

The best part about this potential new character is that most people seem convinced that it is being played by the one and only Tom Cruise. Colour us interested.


Admittedly, although it's not as hard to make out as Deadpool, it's definitely worth a closer look:


Once again, nothing has been confirmed yet and there weren't even any rumblings of Tom Cruise entering the franchise as far as we know. That being said, he's one of the biggest action stars of all time, so not only does it make sense but it would be a huge coup if they've managed to pull it off.


As you can see, comic book diehards and more casual Marvel fans alike are going to be debating this one until the cows come home and it seems there is any number of characters they think this could be:


To be honest, it's just fun to be diving even deeper in the Marvel universe and drawing on threads that most movie-goers probably won't be as familiar with. As for whether Deadpool is really hiding in the background there? We do we hope so.

You can watch the full trailer and use "maximum effort" to hyper-analyse it yourself here:

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