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04th Oct 2022

YouTuber Dream has finally revealed his face to his 30 million subscribers

Charlie Herbert

YouTuber Dream has finally revealed his face to his 30 million subscribers

Dream had been teasing the big reveal for over a year now

The YouTuber known as Dream has finally shown his face to 30 million subscribers.

The Minecraft video creator – who was famous for covering his identity using a smiley face mask – revealed his true self during a live stream at the weekend.

Dream has a huge online following, with his videos having racked up more than 2.7 billion views in total.

But he has always kept his face covered in his live streams, creating an air of intrigue and mystery around his content.

Until now that is.

In a tweet late last night, the creator wrote: “Will be premiering my face reveal video on YouTube in around 2 hours.

“My next tweet will be a picture of me and my best friends finally being together.”

And he was true to his word, revealing his face to his 5.7 million followers.

The video of his reveal has been watched more than 27m times since it was uploaded.

There was some thinking and reasoning behind the timing of his much-anticipated reveal though.

For the last year, Dream has said that the plan was for him to one day reveal his true identity, but that he would only go through with it once he could take “full advantage” of the moment.

And he timed his big reveal just before a planned meetup with his friend and fellow big-name creator, GeorgeNotFound. By generating some huge fan interest before the meeting, it’s safe to say he has seized the opportunity.

Fans will be hoping that after unveiling his true identity, the YouTuber will now take part in more IRL content and collaborate with other creators in the future.

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