Disney launches Christmas ad and people say it's better than John Lewis 9 months ago

Disney launches Christmas ad and people say it's better than John Lewis

Raise your hand if you're crying!

With Halloween over, the battle for the best Christmas advert has begun - and this year a new kid is coming for the current reigning supreme champion, John Lewis.


In 2020, Disney introduced us to a blended family whose heartwarming story was set to a beautiful song by Gregory Porter. 2021's Christmas ad sees Disney elaborate further on the previous commercial, as Nicole's partner Mike moves in with her and her two children.

Arriving at Nicole's front door with his dog, Mike seems nervous at first - but within a few moments, he is bonding with Nicole's kids, inviting his family over and enjoying the festive time together.


Classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, and Buzz Lightyear spring to life from the pages of a Christmas book given to them as a present.

Everything is all fine and dandy until Mike is unable to prevent the gingerbread house the children created from smashing to pieces.

After Nicole's kids run off crying, Mike takes it upon himself to stay up for the night and create a brand new gingerbread house. The kids are obviously happy to see the gingerbread creation and the advert comes to a conclusion as they hug their new stepdad.

The internet has since been reacting to the advert, with many saying it's better than those produced by retailer John Lewis.


"John Lewis betta watch out because this s**t is fire!" wrote one fan.

"The disney Christmas advert is so so beautiful Pleading face #DisneyChristmasAd #Christmas2021," tweeted another person.

Another wrote: "Not Disney making me cry with their new Christmas advert."

A third tweeted: "OK so it's November and too early for Christmas ads in my eyes but it's fantastic to see Disney representing & actively celebrating blended families. Here's to all the stepmums and stepdads that so often get ignored /implicitly rejected by brand."


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