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27th Oct 2018

Diddy had the absolute sh*t scared out of him by a clown on The Ellen Show

Wayne Farry


Hey, we’re all afraid of something

For me, it’s heights. Just the thought of being high up in the air, or falling from high in the air, or someone standing close to a very high edge, it just gets me.

For others, it can be anything from dogs, to spiders, rats or a particular song. It can be anything.

A lot of people though are linked by their collective fear of clowns, which have been making something of a comeback in popular culture in recent years.

We had the random clown sightings a while back – remember how fucked up that whole thing was and how it just went away without anyone knowing why it was happening in the first place?

Then we had the remake of Stephen King’s IT, which either scared a new generation of people or reminded people already afraid of clowns just how afraid they truly are.

One of those who we now definitively know is afraid of clowns is the rapper and mogul Sean “Diddy” Combes, who recently appeared on an episode of The Ellen Show.

Appearing on the show predominantly to promote his new black raspberry vodka, the conversation between Diddy and Ellen eventually moved onto the subject of Halloween.

Ellen asks the rapper whether it is true if he is scared of clowns, to which he replies a resolute no.

It is shortly after this, as the two are talking, that a clown jumps rapidly out of what looked like a table between the two and scares the absolute shit out of Diddy, so much so that he lets out a little scream and does a weird, involuntary dance.

It’s quality viewing, so for God’s sake view it.